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6 Tactics To Increase Blog Traffic (Update 2017) – No Black Hat SEO

There are lot of people who want traffic in their Websites | Blogs but they don’t know how to increase Website traffic (Visitors) to Increase their presence in Internet & At this time only Few Blogger Know about the importance of Social media marketing (SMM) so they are getting Good Traffic and some people don’t know about that but they still getting good Traffic (visitor). At below I will share something about Tips To Get Free Traffic for Blogs No Bots Real Traffic or you can say Genuine.

how to increase website traffic
how to increase website traffic

6 Ways To Increase Blog/Site Traffic In 2017

As all new blogger wants to increase its site traffic without doing hard work so it’s not easy to earn decent traffic for a long time in Blogs or Websites. So they try to use Black Hat SEO for increasing site traffic in short term. But they waste their time by using the Black Hat SEO. Because know a days Google has started their Algorithms Which Tracks your site and if you try to do Black hat SEO than they will penalized your Website. But don’t worry Here I am sharing you how to increase site traffic and how you can get a decent traffic in your site? No need to worry here in this article you can clear your confusion of increasing traffic.

  • Quality Content
  • Frequently Updates
  • Social Sharing
  • Alt + Tag Images
  • Back links
  • What Is Quality Content?

Quality Content

Content Updates for Website

There are few people know that how to increase site traffic by using quality content firstly don’t forget that Your content is the King of your Website and your content is the backbone of your site.  What is quality content? This is the biggest question for everyone even for me? Quality content is that content where we don’t write article for traffic. Where we write article for impressing readers and provide them those things which they want and never miss guide them. Use the unique Title For Your Article never do mistake to copy from others website. Most time when we write quality content we forget about the keyword density so we should know about that we should use only 2% keywords in a whole article. And your should use Heading 2 or Heading 3 in your article.

Frequently Updates

Frequently Updates also matter in Blogs & websites because it helps to stick reads in your site. Because every reader want daily new thing from you to learn. And just imagine that you are a teacher and readers are your student and they want to learn daily a new chapter. So you need to provide them daily updates to create a relationship between you and your visitor. When you creates a strong relation with your visitor that means you are going to popular very soon. Because on that time visitor share your site automatically if they like your article. Then they also do mouth publish and share your site with your friends.  This is the most important thing which everyone should do.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

At this time social site is playing one of the most important roles for marketing site content and aware about your site to peoples. This is the one of the most important part of your site if your site is socialize then you will get a good traffic and that increase your site traffic. But at this time a lot of people didn’t use social site because they are not aware about that. So sharing your articles on popular site like as : –  Facebook, Google Puls, Digg, Stumble, twitter etc. And when you will share about your site in social sites then write some specific things which people want from you. Then you will gain visitor from Social Sites.

ALT + TAG (Images Traffic)

This is the one of the awesome point to get traffic in your site by image.Firstly select the images which is really relevant to the article and which makes your article specific to others.  While you are using the Images in your article then don’t forget to use ALT + Tag in your Images and on that you need to focus your topic on the images. And by that you will get good traffic by image searches.

Back Links Is The Backbone Of Site

Backlinks is the one of the most important part of Website. Because it help you to increase your site traffic and make your site stable on search engines like as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others Search Engines. And backlinks help to you rank your site on top but on that time your content is also matter. So don’t forget the above guidelines.


While you are writing any article don’t miss guide your visitor and never try to use Shortcut. Don’t forget to write quality content articles and after writing the article don’t forget to share your article on Social Site. Because it helps you to Increase your site traffic and last and important thing is that you should make as much as backlinks. Because backlinks is your site backbone.


I hope this article is helpful for you and if you have any problem you can comment below don’t hesitate to comment because it help us to improve our readers experience and also for resolving your problems.

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